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See what other people are saying about our Lindsay Palms apartments! At Lindsay Palms Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


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Awesome community and Staff!!
This review is overdue for me. Just last week I renewed my lease again for the third time! I love my place..I love how spacious it is, plus I have a patio! This is also a great community, the residents are friendly. Lupe is amazing, she is very pleasant and helpful. She will alway work it out for you! Lorenzo, the maintenance guy is knowledgeable and extremely efficient! He hung my curtain rods when I first moved in since I didn't the proper tools! He gets the job done and will handle multiple issues at a time. He also will keep you in the loop of the entire process and he explains what is needed. He goes in depth and explains what was wrong and what he did to fix it. Everyone that works on the property is very pleasant. They will always make time to speak with you. Again, a great community and a wonderful Staff! Great place to live!


Great place to live. Small community with a friendly staff that cares about you


I am new here to these apartments and whatever anybody else does here is their business but martin and everyone ive come across so far is awesome. Martin was really understanding, kind, and really showed that he was making an effort to get the job done. The a/c is running, it feels so much better in here, and with a positive attitude about everything it just made today awesome. Just his attitude alone would've made the day, even if the a/c wasn't fixed I would've been satified but, it is so great day and thank you martin.


Thank God that our apartment manager, Lupe, is back! I can see the whole team smiling and residents back out and about loving life again. This apartment was a great decision for my family and I truly don't think you can find any better than this staff! The maintenance man Lorenzo really makes sure that your apartment is always in perfect condition. I don't think I have ever wanted more than an hour for service and have never heard "that's not my job," like at my old place. He makes it a point to make it his job and fix it for you! Lupe and Elizabeth in the office are fantastic. Every time I come in Elizabeth has her smile that can just make your whole day better and I love it! Lupe is always compassionate to anythjng and everything you have to say. She understands how to have all of the residents really work together in making this a great place to live and Elizabeth always delivers news or notices and makes sure your okay with it. For instance, they had to come in my apartment to check the roof or something like that and she gives you a 48 hour notice right to your door. When you call her to follow up, she immediately apologizes that they have to come in your space and assures you that they'll get done as soon as possible. Never lived anywhere before that the management team cares so much about you. Genuinely. Going to be sad to go!


This review is for Lorenzo, the maintenance guy on site. He is extremely knowledgeable and timely in getting things done. He is in depth and explains what was wrong and what he did to fix it instead of saying “fixed it, good to go” which is a huge plus in giving residents a sense of reassurance. Being in car sales myself, it’s awesome to see him following up as well when passing by. Every run in with him is a fun experience, he is always smiling and laughing. With him here, Lindsay Palms will continue to separate themselves from being “just another” apartment complex. He is an awesome part of their team and a huge reason why I felt comfortable in renewing my lease. Great guy with a great attitude!


I’ve had a great experience with the staff here so far. Lorenzo the maintenance man is always happy to help, he is super nice and was able to quickly show up and help me with a minor problem. Will definitely recommend this place!


Lorenzo the maintenance man was awesome, saw us walking around the neighborhood and said hi and asked if we needed any help in our apartment, was super quick! And very very nice! It’s our first month here in our first apartment and him and Elizabeth have made everything so painless and easy


Lorenzo from Maintenance stop me on my way to grab mail to ask if I needed any help in my apartment and when I told him what was wrong (minor things like light bulb change, shower rod Lengthened) he made it his first priority to help us. When he was in our home he conplimented us on how good it looks and cracked some jokes and basically made us feel comfortable with him being in there. While he was working he had a great conversation and a smile on his face and overall I’m very happy and pleased with Lorenzo from Maintenance!


From staff, to solutions an awesome place to live


This places managent is amazing truly .They have had our back with every situation other guest have cause and the maintenance team does everything they can to ensure safety and upkeep of our the point Lorenzo was here at 10 pm draining and cleaning the pool after an mishap with the cleaning systems and palm trees. This place is awesome.

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